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HI Luxury Magazine: Call of Duty

April – May 2013

Baseball All-Star Shane Victorino keeps his Scout’s honor as he plays for the Boston Red Sox.

Eagle Scout. Of all the words you might conjure to describe the newest Boston Red Sox and repeat member of team USA in March’s World Baseball Classic – and there is plenty to say about a World Series champion, two-time baseball All-Star, leading philanthropist and hero to all who believe in doing whatever you do the right way – none say it better than those two: Eagle Scout. “Once an Eagle, you’re an Eagle for life,” says Chuck Hisamoto, Shane Victorino’s Scoutmaster in Maui’s Troop 68. “We teach the Boy Scout motto: ‘be prepared!’ It means you never know what will happen in any day, so be prepared for anything. But we also teach the Boy Scout slogan: ‘do a good turn daily!’ So no matter what happens, do something good for someone else.” When it’s suggested to Hisamoto those words continue to describe Victorino, he pauses, says quietly, “Shane is still on that track.” he pauses again. “He’s very level-headed, in my opinion. He’s able to control himself, and he’s always humble.”

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